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Ten Easy Step Guide To Create Instagram Content For Doctors

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is another one way doctors can sell products and services. Through this, marketing and sales goals are within reach.

More than 70% of businesses use Instagram to market their business. The platform also boasts of its 30 million active businesses.

Instagram users are engaging with business on this site, too. Most Instagram accounts follow at least one business, while some have purchased products from an Instagram discovery.

These facts prove that we can take advantage of creating Instagram content for doctors to market medical practice.

However, before you engage new patients via Instagram, you need to learn the basics first. In this article, I will teach you the easy step guide to create Instagram content for doctors.

Create an Instagram Account that Mirrors your Business

Setting up a business profile is the first thing you need to do with Instagram. It’s important to set it up to a business Instagram profile.

This allows you access to great features to measure the success of your Instagram marketing efforts. That way, patients will contact you directly from your profile.

The next thing to do is to choose an Instagram username. Make sure that the name you will use is something that identifies you, your profession, and your specialty.

Then, add a high-quality profile image that reflects your business. Use a company logo or a professional headshot.

Lastly, add information to your biography. Your Instagram account should inform the basics like your name, specialty, and location.

Add Link to Your Website

It’s also a must for you to include a link to your website. This way, your prospective patients can click it from your Instagram profile to your site.

It’s also a better option to add other highlights that sets you apart from others. This includes your awards or certifications and the services that you focus on.

Use hashtags and emojis as well to reflect your branding and personality. Create your Instagram account, a combination of you and your practice. This gives your followers and prospective clients an idea of what working with you is like.

Create Engaging Instagram Content

Now, your Instagram account is set up; it’s now time to build a plan to create high-quality and consistent posts that boosts your Instagram marketing on your medical practice.

Create a Content Calendar

You should spend time planning your Instagram content at least one month in advance. Think about the things you want to accomplish with each post:

  • Speak to a specific audience

  • Posting content that informs inspires, or entertains

  • Highlight the service you’re offering.

Remember that a good Instagram marketing should focus 80% of your content on providing value for your followers and another 20% that focuses on self-promotion.

Select Great Images

Choose high-quality and royalty-free images. Focus on the types of content that showcase healthcare providers.

This includes patient testimonial quotes or videos, before-and-after photos of patient results, and behind-the-scenes. Images are also important because posts with photos generate 36% more likes.

Write Creative Captions

Instagram captions showcase your personality and creativity. Make them short and quippy. Adding a location to your images can help to incorporate it into a photomap.

Link Related Users

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t want you to lose. Instagram is designed especially for mobile users.

Though your account can be accessed from a computer, you cannot share pictures, videos, and stories with it. You need to use the app.

However, you can link through profiles such as @mayoclinic and include URLs that aren’t clickable links.

Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the # symbol followed by a relevant keyword. This makes it easy for others to find you when they search for a word or phrase.

For example, if you include #koreanglassskin to a before-and-after post of your patient’s face, someone searching around Instagram for Korean glass skin results could come across it and become both a patient and a follower.

In your caption, you can add up to 30 hashtags. This helps to gain more engagement. However, research has shown that engagement is highest when you use about 11 to 12 hashtags per post.

Aside from using hashtags that are specific to your industry and popular with your audience, it’s also important that you also create your branded hashtag. This could be your company name or your practice.

This is something that your users could use to engage your user base. Note that hashtags are a way to distinguish your brand for ultimate marketing success.

Expand and Engage your Following

Building out your Instagram requires you to spend time in increasing and engaging your followers. You can start it with simple tactics such as following colleagues and referring business owners or influencers.

You can also feature patients in an image or video, with consent. This is a great way to showcase patient results and engage potential clients. Just make sure that you do this with their consent, as protected health information is a requirement.

Track Your Success

Now you’re done with your profile and posted great content, what’s next?

This is now the time to monitor what your audience is responding to. Use that information in creating content for marketing in the future.

Use Instagram Insights to track the number of engagement activities related to posts, stories, and your overall account. Don’t focus on all these metrics. What matters is that you focus on two or three that support your business goals, and measure growth in these areas.

For example, if you want a high-engaged following, consider tracking the likes and comments from your posts. If you’re looking to increase your audience, track the profile visits and followers.

Identify which types of posts and topics get the best results. If you find a before-and-after video of laser treatment is your best performing post, consider creating more original videos featuring patients with their consent.

Bottom Line

With the right planning, Instagram can quickly become a powerful marketing tool for doctors and medical practice. Just don’t forget to highlight what makes you special as a health care and provider aside from providing valuable content to your potential clients.

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