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Ten Steps Strategy to Create Amazing IGTV for Medical Clinics During COVID -19 Pandemic.

Updated: Apr 10

Do you want to build an amazing IGTV strategy for the medical clinic and help more people during the Pandemic?

Video is the future of Instagram. Many brands are creating long-form video content for IGTV to drive real results to medical clinics and help many people as they Shelter in place, or in quarantine during COVID 19.

IGTV is super-immersive and well connected to Instagram. That said, it's easy to align your Instagram audience with your IGTV content. If you haven't already, it's time to do it now!

To get the best tips on how to create a successful IGTV strategy for medical clinics, I learned something from Jon Youshaei. He is the Product Marketing Manager of IGTV from Instagram HQ.

Why Do Medical Clinics Need An IGTV Strategy?

So why do medical clinics need an IGTV strategy during COVID 19 Pandemic? Here are the three main reasons:

1 To educate and support patients and the community during COVID -19.

2. To inform and alleviate anxiety/stress.

3. To entertain patients, ideal clients or patients, and your audience. Through IGTV videos, you can get more engagement and help more people as they shelter in and social distance from the public during the Pandemic.

IGTV is Immersive

A year ago, IGTV started by supporting vertical-only video. The reason here is that most people watch video on their mobile devices.

The vertical-only video was great for some kinds of content, like health tips and self-care tutorials. However, many brands voiced that they had difficulty creating videos that featured multiple people.

Fortunately, IGTV is now supporting both vertical and horizontal video so that you and the viewers can have options when tuning in.

IGTV is Longer-Form

IGTV is longer than feed videos, which are capped at 60-seconds. This is also longer than stories which cannot run longer than 15 seconds.

Instagram is building the destination right in the Instagram app for people to go and browse. Youshaei said that many people go to this destination and find new content.

For viewers, this means they can browse and pick a video when they are in the mood to engage and pay attention. Finally, and the most important of all is that IGTV is connected to Instagram.

When it was launched, tapping the IGTV icon at the top of the home screen was the only way to access IGTV from the Instagram app. But now, there are many ways that IGTV and Instagram work together.

For example, IGTV videos can now be previewed in-feed. This means you can take the first 60-seconds of your video and use it as a clip preview in your feed.

Once those 60-seconds are up, the viewer will get a link to watch the full video on IGTV. This way, you can even get your views and comments counted across both.

In the past year, Instagram also launched a story sticker. This lets you put your IGTV video in stories so people can click on it to watch and your audience can also share your videos on their stories.

Moreover, the Explore page now features a section that’s entirely dedicated to IGTV — which is another great way to drive traffic and discovery of your IGTV videos!

How to Get Your Medical Clinics Ahead on IGTV?

Now that we’ve looked at why your medical clinic needs an IGTV strategy, let’s look at 3 key steps to get ahead on IGTV:

Use Instagram Stories to Workshop Material

Some of the common questions you might be thinking are: “What should I upload on IGTV? And how should it differ from the feed I upload or Instagram Stories?”

Here are my answers to that:

Your stories and feed posts can be random highlights from your medical life. Your IGTV videos should be based on a format. They should have a constant theme and style that your audience can expect in every episode.

Then the next question is, how do you find a format that works for you?

This is where you can use Instagram Stories in a unique way. “If IGTV is your show, then think of stories as your lab,” he says.

Since Instagram Stories disappears in a day, you can test different ideas, formats, and sketches before dedicating the time to turn IG stories into a series on IGTV.

Doing this is a lot more powerful than guessing what your audience would like to see. You do not want to spend a bunch of time producing videos, and then having it fall flat because your audience was not feeling it.

So, before producing any longer-form videos, survey your audience first. That way, you can bring your audience along your journey. You can make them more invested and give them what they want so they can share it too.

Produce with Purpose

There are certain building blocks that make for a great video on IGTV. This can be broken down into 4 parts:

  • Teaser

  • Title Screen

  • Cliff Hanger

  • Call to Action

In your IGTV episode, you can take what is a typical happening in a medical clinic. During the teaser, you can introduce yourself, your medical clinic, the format, and the particular episode are about. Just remember that you get the same upload, so you have consistency and viewers can familiarize you.

Make sure that you use a similar type and format for all your title screens. Each video you upload should have a customized title screen that reflects both your overall Instagram aesthetic and the topic of the video.

It is also noteworthy to include a “cliff hanger” near the 1-minute mark. This is important when someone watches the preview on Instagram to give them the reason to keep watching your video.

Lastly, do not forget to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end. This part is where you ask your audience to like and share the video so they can amplify your message!

This format should give you enough structure to create consistent videos, but it’s still flexible enough for you to be creative.

Promote Like it’s a Premiere

This step is all about knowing how to promote your video once you’ve finished editing it. Many IGTV creators spend a lot of time on their videos but then forget to optimize their video titles and thumbnails.

These things should not be forgotten as these are often the gateway to your content — they’re the reason someone may or may not choose to watch your video.

IGTV Thumbnails

A good thumbnail is often one that’s a customized edit and zooms in on the face of the person you featured in your video.

Capturing a person’s emotional reaction in your thumbnail can evoke more attention. Having a lot of contrast in your thumbnail or showing expressive colors can also help with catching people’s attention as they scroll.

On the other hand, a bad thumbnail is one that's still from a video. It’s often blurry, doesn’t show a face, and doesn’t convey what the content is about.

IGTV Title

Most of your titles will get squeezed down because IGTV titles are on mobile. So, it’s important to think hard about the first three words of your headline. This is what most people will see. Do not bury your lead.

IGTV Promotion

When promoting your IGTV videos, it is important to think of Instagram as one massive ecosystem with different “surfaces”. These surfaces include Instagram stories, feed posts, Instagram Live, and more. You can use this to build a bigger and tighter-knit community.

Here are the things you can do:

  1. 3 days before you publish your IGTV video, you can post different photos and videos to your Instagram Stories as a teaser to build anticipation.

  2. 2 days before, you can use the Instagram Stories countdown sticker. This notifies your audience when your IGTV video goes live.

  3. On the day of your video debut, post an IGTV preview on your Instagram feed. This is important so your audience doesn’t miss out on your content.

  4. After uploading, you can also share your IGTV video in stories to drive as much visibility as possible.

  5. Consider promoting your videos on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

  6. When everything is good, host an Instagram Live to discuss how you made the video and share more details with your audience!

Following the tips above can help you find a positive uptick in your audience and engagement stats. Just remember that in order to create an amazing IGTV strategy, you need to know your audience inside-and-out and create content that resonates with them.

Some Content Ideas When Creating IGTV Strategy for Medical Clinics

When talking about medical clinics, people seek out someone they know, like and trust. By watching your video, people can get to trust you without meeting you in person. That way, you are establishing yourself as an expert by providing relevant quality content about your medical clinic services.

Remember that your aim is to educate, demonstrate, inform, and entertain your ideal client or patient. Through IGTV videos, you can get more engagement and help more people as they quarantine at home.

  1. A behind-the-scenes video can be both informative and entertaining to your audience.

  2. Use the most sought-after medical procedures or treatment and create a demo video using real people. Then, use that video to educate the audience so they overcome fears and lack of knowledge about the medical services you are offering.

  3. What are the frequent questions your audience asks you the most? Upon knowing, create a Q&A video and answer these. It can be in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, an interview, or inviting other medical experts to answer the questions.

  4. If your medical clinic is doing plastic surgery or dentistry, it is a must for you to include before and after images and videos.

  5. If you do presentations outside the business, it would be nice also to create a video about it.

  6. Do you offer new medical products or services? Adding a video about it combined with awareness and engagement can help to boost sales. This usually applies to a line of dermatology.

  7. Showing patient or client testimonials is another one way to inform the public about your excellency in providing medical services.

  8. Not all posts should be limited to promoting your medical clinic. It can also be like showing something from a typical workday or something fun you did on your day off.

  9. To give your audience a glimpse of what your medical clinic looks like, taking a video of your workspace and telling them why they are set up that way are good things to go.

Bottom Line

Do not pressure yourself for being perfect in promoting your IGTV strategy. Remember that what matters first is that people want to get to know, like, and trust you. Focus on creating quality and relevant IGTV strategy for your medical clinic.

IGTV strategy is something that you don't want to miss out on when growing your business. According to Social Media Today, 64% of consumers are likely to acquire your service or purchase your products after watching a video about it. Unbounce reported that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%

Creating IGTV strategy should be planned well, but not to the point of looking rehearsed. People prefer to see the authentic side of you. Just think about a TV reality show and how popular it has become to many.

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